A Few Tips For Common-sense Methods In Advertising

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2019- Carnivore diet becomes wildly popular.......Junk food companies start advertising potato chips cooked in beef fat!!

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Five Tips For Blockchain Investing In Media, Entertainment And Advertising

This week, I moderated a panel at the Digital Hollywood conference in Los Angeles, featuring executives involved in blockchain-based businesses in film finance, video transcoding/servers, over-the-top video streaming, ad technology and video games, all areas ripe for disruption. Out of that hour-plus discussion came a number of tips and perspectives that may help others pondering investment in blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, especially in media, entertainment and advertising. If you're just beginning, panelists suggested, start small, smart and slow. Look at the digital wallet services from Coinbase and the Winklevoss twins' Gemini Trust Company , and see their relatively limited offerings as a good thing for a beginner. And, they suggested, as a way to further spread risk, consider the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index fund that launched earlier this month from Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management LLP, headed by former hedge-fund manager Mike Novogratz. Now, on to their larger points. 1) It's early. People are still figuring out blockchain's implications for media, entertainment and advertising. So look at basic tools that solve pain points already facing the industry. "I don’t think we will see a full realization of blockchain for 20 years. I'm just hopeful that regulation doesn’t knock it off before we get started.

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